The Baby is finally Born

the baby maker cover          

 The Baby Maker novel is finally Born!

Possibly the most exciting moment for any writer is that first published book. Even when it’s a self-published book. Mine has just happened with The Baby Maker. It just became available on Kindle & Nook (see links below) and I couldn’t be more excited, nervous and humbled.

For anyone who’s visited the website ( you already know that The Baby Maker was a collaborative effort with my sister. The part of the story that you probably don’t know is how it all came about. We were sitting in Massachusetts (note: Baby Maker takes place in Massachusetts) and in a random conversation on day, discovered that both of us were harboring a deep secret desire to publish a book. Just to publish one little book before our life was over – one for the good ole Bucket List. We didn’t even really care if anyone but our parents read it, we just wanted to publish something. So we decided to go for it together.

Hey- they say if something scares you, do it with a friend. Comfort in numbers don’t you know.

So we decided on a funny romantic book, nothing too heavy or intimidating. A book you could read on a rainy day or take to the beach with you. The Baby Maker took almost a full year to publish from start to finish. Of course we were both working ‘normal jobs’, had families, and in my case was moving back and forth across the USA several times while writing it- so it took some time. There was actually a large learning curve between how to write a novel (versus a thesis or technical/academic/research documents.) Not to mention, learning to navigate the self-publishing industry. Looking back, it’s amazing how much I learned in that one short year.

Now that I’ve gone on to write solo works, I can say that writing with another person is a very different process. Very rewarding in many ways. For instance, the plot of Baby Maker had a lot more to do with my sister than me. She really had a vision for the basic plot points. The details were more where I came in and the actual writing part. It’s definitely a very different book than if either one of us had written it solo.

At this point in the Baby Maker evolution– the finally published point– I’ve actually written six book in three different genres (all in different stages of development right now, so stay tuned.) So it’s very gratifying to see that first book- the one that started it all, finally go live and be available for sharing. I’ve learned so much about writing during this process and discovered a true love of creating stories.

I think the biggest success of publishing the Baby Maker was:

  1. Doing something wonderful with my sister. No one watching us grow up together would have ever thought in a million years that we would end up writing a book together.
  2. Finding out that I actually could write a book. A strange thing happens the moment you actually finish that last sentence. (no- I don’t mean just the horribly painful process of editing begins) Suddenly all things become possible when you realize you have the power to create something powerful – like a story- out of nothing but a keyboard and your mind. The human brain is an amazing thing!

So- I thank all of you out there reading these blogs and following along with the books.

Thank you for coming down the road of discovery with me.

I can’t wait to see what stories are coming next.

I hope that you end up having as much fun as I’m having.




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