Snow Wars week long release party – stay here for details.

love of frost. cover Snow Wars.book1

Snow Wars launches this week and I’m so excited to bring more of this story to you!

While Hollywood’s absorbed in paranormal and planetary wide conspiracy movies (or maybe it just seems that way to me) Snow Wars is really a story about the dynamics of a small village. It’s a view of public policy I suppose. How when the physical environment is extreme (in this case, extreme cold and ice) governing bodies can take control of a single self-contained culture more easily. Whether they control it through religious doctrine, the education system, or military force the evolution of such control is at the core of this series.

Iana is our lead heroin and she takes us through a ride of discovery. As she matures into an adult, she begins to see that everything she was told as a child might not be completely true. Daniel (our Hero) seems destined to be her guide through this journey. He definitely has his hands in lots of different cookie jars of information and networks. But even he doesn’t seem to have all the answers.

The first book in the Snow Wars series (Snow Wars) show cases a lot of world building (my favorite stuff). We really get an idea of how this culture lives and survives in the extreme environment. It also lays the ground work for more than one complicated mystery. I hope everyone enjoys it!

This second book in the series (Love of Frost) starts to cement our characters more together. There is a lot of fighting and action in the second book and we start to see some movement on the romance side also. Hopefully, relationships and motivations gain depth. It should be more than just the author telling you two people are attracted to each other, the reader should start to understand why those people are attracted.

–WARNING INSIDER HINT—this second book lays a lot of clues about Iana and how she deals with stress. I like to think that I sprinkled book two with lots of little grains of salt. In book five (Entombed) I’ll be taking each one of those little pieces of salt and make each one into a huge salt mine.

 **You opinion matters!!

Please be sure to leave a review on Amazon or Nook about the story. Not only does it help fellow readers decide if Snow Wars is right for them, but your reviews help me to better understand you thoughts and wishes as readers, which helps me be a better writer for you.





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