Snow Wars: famous first week (Day Two)

love of frost. cover

To celebrate Love of Frost the second book in the Snow Wars series, I thought I’d share a week of insights and behind the scenes stuff that went into the series.

So what’s with all the crazy mystery and plot in this series? Most of the time I am one of those people who can guess the entire plot by the first two chapters of a book or the first ten minutes of a movie. I’m talking about the stories where you aren’t supposed to figure out the plot. I hate that! The other annoying thing about some mystery/plot stories is that they literally withhold so much information, that almost no one could figure out the plot. That’s just not right. Those are my two personal pet peeves about plot.

So with Snow Wars I’m trying to be very diligent about giving you everything you will need to figure out the complicated mysterious plots by the end of the series. Now, I might give them to you…. possibly very slowly or in unexpected places, but you should have basically everything you need to figure it out by the end. Hopefully, if I do my job right, you won’t figure everything out till that last book. But perhaps some of you out there are brilliant at this kind of stuff and have already figured out the full story by book two?

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