Snow Wars: famous first week (Day Three)

Snow Wars.book1To celebrate theWars novel launch party, I thought I’d share a week of insights and behind the scenes stuff that went into the series.

Did you know— book one of Snow Wars (Snow Wars) was the only book I’ve written so far without a formal outline? I was writing the second book of the Baby Maker series (Sister Start Up – see website for more details) and had to stop writing that book to write Snow Wars. The novel just would NOT leave me alone till I’d written it. I wrote it start to finish in a matter of weeks. Book five outlined itself half way through book one. And then the rest of the series outlined itself in about a day.

love of frost. cover 

Originally, the series was to be five books. But as I began writing the book two (Love of Frost), I realized there was too much happening to get it all into five books. So now the series is six books long and I promise to keep it to only six.

What was that you ask? When do the rest of the books publish? Why thanks for asking, I’m currently writing book four, which means book three (Daughters of Adam) is in the publishing cycle and only weeks away from going live.

The edaughters of adam. cover.ntire series should be finished in the end of 2015.

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