Snow Wars: famous first week (Day Four)

To celebrate the Snow Wars series launch party, I thought I’d share a week of insights and behind the scenes stuff that went into the series.

love of frost. coverI get asked a lot about the timeframes and age ranges of this book. Which is a nice way of asking: “Isn’t the heroin a little young to be in a relationship?” The question and answer to this is, of course, subjective.

My answer is based on the world building taking place in this story. The average life expectancy is about 40 years old. The environment is so extreme and medical care so limited that if you reach the age of 40, you’re doing pretty darn good. That is one reason elders are held in such high regard in this series. You don’t see many people in their 60s or older. Average age for bonding (marriage & baby building) is between 16-18 years old. A Rambler, by nature of the job description, isn’t expected to live long at all; 25-30 is usually a good age for a Rambler.

Iana became a Rambler at 18 years of age. When the book starts she is 19 years old. For those of you who are doing the math in your heads right now, yes that would make her falling in love with Jacob at around the tender age of 15. This is a little young- even for the world of Snow Wars. In this world girls start to get married around that age, so Iana is definitely on the front end of that period in her life. But Jacob isn’t about getting married and starting a family. He’s something very different and is attached to the entire family in lots of different ways. The relationship isn’t well defined in the first book (Snow Wars) so the depth of their relationship is left to interpretation. There is no doubt, however, that Jacob (regardless of the type of relationship) is Iana’s first big love emotionally. He was definitely her rock and she is very true to her feelings for him, even after he is gone. She’s holding tight to that in the first two books, even as we see her start to change and mature.

There is a lot more to the discussion on Jacob’s relationship with the family. I’ve been thinking about possibly posting some free extras on the website that will explain this more. His relationship to Iana’s family is very complicated and it runs through multiple books. For a Mentor who starts out in the series as a dead guy, Jacob carries a lot of weight in plot and character development.

But to get back to original question of age range and relationships. If Ramblers think they are only going to live to be about 25 years old, then Iana isn’t a floozy. At least I don’t think she is. I’m not completely sure she picks her relationships well, but I don’t think she is a floozy.


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