Snow Wars: famous first week (Day Five)

To celebrate the Snow Wars series launch party for book two – Love of Frost, I thought I’d share a week of insights and behind the scenes stuff that went into the series.

Eye Color, Eye Color, Eye Color – SPOILER ALERT– Anything that an author harps on this much in a book is probably a big plot point. Iana has very specific and unusual eyes. Some find them a thing of beauty, while for others these eyes hold keys to the entire over-arching plot.Snow Wars.book1

For Iana, her feelings about her eye color are complicated. She was told growing up that she got her eye color from her grandmother, so they act as a connection to her grandmother and thus her family, which was mostly killed when she was young. But the rest of her family (and really all of the Hive) have brown-ish eyes. So in that way, her eye color is something that distances her from other people. It makes her feel like an outsider and a freak at times. It’s a point of contention during her Rambler training with Daniel. Tho’ I suspect if it wasn’t the eyes, Daniel would have found something else to give her a hard time about.

Now we never discuss the special intuitive insight Iana has regarding the snow, so we don’t know if that has anything to do with the color (as some readers are suggesting.) Rambler Cella is mentioned in book one (Snow Wars) and will be mentioned again in book three (Daughters of Adam) and she has a similar snow wars. book2.talent for reading snow. I can tell you now Cella does not have blue eyes. (Yes I am aware Cella’s already dead when the series begins, but we can still talk about dead characters-recall Jacob.)

So to conclude, Iana’s eye color is of major importance and will be incorporated into the plot before the end of the series.


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