Snow Wars: famous first week (Day Six)

Snow Wars.book1To celebrate the Snow Wars series launch party, I thought I’d share a week of insights and behind the scenes stuff that went into the series.

I want to give a BIG THANKS to everyone who followed along and who read the books! Please let me know what you thought. Leave a review on Amazon or Nook and let your voice be heard. It really helps other readers and it helps me write better books for you! The third Snow Wars book (Daughters of Adam) is with the editors now and should be published towards the end of Aug, just a few weeks away really. Sign up for my News Letter (see link below) and I’ll let you know the exact date it will be available.daughters of adam. cover. For our last day of ‘Famous First Week- Snow Wars book 1 & 2’ party I thought we’d spend some time saying goodbye to Nathanial. Poor Nathanial……why did he have to die in book one? Nathanial died mostly because the world of Snow Wars is a very deadly place (remember the blog about Rambler’s life expectancy being about 25.) There are also a lot of internal fighting going on, and it wouldn’t really be realistic to think no one would —SPOILER ALERT— die in those big battles, or at least loose a limb or two. Sometimes writers kill off character so the surviving ones become more interesting. You will get to see how each of the survivors deal with grief and revenge. In this environment, our characters are hard people; they are sturdy people who are used to seeing people injured and die. They develop religious rites regarding death and it can explain a lot about their relationships with others. If everyone around you keeps getting killed, it affects how quickly characters attach or distance themselves emotionally from the other people around them. The way people deal with death in particular can tell us a lot about a culture. I personally find that interesting. For Iana, all the death surrounding her definitely helps us understand why she behaves the way she does. Why she sometimes stays distant from other people and has a hard time trusting.

But back to poor Nathanial………. Now that I’ve finished the third book (Daughters of Adam), I can say that in many ways I’m mad at myself for killing off Nathanial because I think he could have made a really good match for Iana (I know, I know – what about Daniel??) But Nathanial had to die- hey, it was his own fault for making that stupid run anyway. He should have stayed home and drank hot coco with the rest of the apprentices. What I can’t figure out is why they didn’t just turn back around once they saw that first blood thirsty Ravens? I sure would have! I’d have hightailed it right back to camp the minute I saw one of those big dogs.

So Nathanial is gone, but not forgotten. The Ramblers bring him up every once and awhile in the following books. And hey- we might just get a namesake. There are only so many biblical male names to go around, there’s bound to be some repetition in the Snow Wars world.Love of Frost. release banner.2014

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