For Love of Firehouses


I have loved many things in my life, boys…. ballet… boys….international travel…. education…. hunky men. But now I’ve found a new passion- Firehouses. No not the firefighter men (although….. I’m a girl and breathing still, I’m just saying) But my love is for the actual firehouse building itself.

You may think its a strange thing to love, a firehouse, but in the city I happen to live in (College Station, TX) there are several award winning firehouses. The newest multilevel glamour building sits on University drive, the main drag into the city. But don’t take my word for it:

 Did you know?

College Station Firehouse #6 (the one in this article) placed

second nationally for it’s firehouse design.

One nice thing about being a published author is that people invite you to things and this week I got a special behind tour of the award winning College Station Firehouse #6. Ok, it might not have anything to do with being an author. More like, knowing the architect, but hey this tour is worth calling in every favor you have.

Follow along this week for special insider info and pictures of my new love affair- Firehouse #6.



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