Touching the Pyramid

It’s like touching a Pyramid for the first time. A fundamental shift when your brain realizes “It really does exist.” The day I stood in the Egyptian sands, reached out my hand, and actually touched those rough stones….everything changed. Suddenly I have the wild and unrelenting need to travel the world and touch everything I’ve ever read about.


That is exactly what it felt like to e-publish mythe baby maker cover first comical romance novel, The Baby Maker. It was that same elation of that “I can do this” moment.  The first time you receive that beloved Amazon email message “your book is published and available to the public.” Now 9 published novels later, including 3 genres and the Snow Wars.book1new fantasy series Snow Wars, the memory of traditional publishing seems like a distant memory.


E-publishing changed everything. As a writer it’s no longer about who you know, how much money someone thinks they can make off you, or how many compromises you’re willing to make to your story to fit that narrow traditional publishing equation. Suddenly, it’s about giving a great authentic story to people who long to get lost in a book.

 The readers have their power back -the power of choice. The writers have their power back- the power to publish. I don’t think readers really care which publishing house publishes a book. Readers care about the quality of the story and its availability (dare I say – affordability.)

 Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (8 of 10)

Before the digital age of writing, publishing was a distant dream for most writers. A goal so unattainable it wasn’t worth reaching for. Now, things are simpler, more transparent, and boy has it tossed traditional publishing for a spin. Publishing in the digital age feels like we’ve crossed over a dark rough sea and found the Statue of Liberty gazing lovingly down. My sincere hope is it has inspired the coming of a new golden age for literature.


~ photos courtesy of “Death to the Stock Photo” & “mark—”

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