Read like a wild grizzly bear with a tape worm

of sea and stone

Book Review: Secrets of Itlantis series (5 book series starting with: Of Sea and Stone) by author Kate Avery Ellison

Every once and awhile I like to share books I find interesting and worthy of sharing. It has been awhile since I’ve shared one, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading like a wild grizzly bear with a tape worm. You can pretty much guess that if I’m not writing a book, I’m reading a book.

There are authors you read because they make you a better writer, there are authors you read for the simple pleasure of the story, and then every once in a while, there is an author who does both.

Kate Avery Ellison’s Itlantis series is one of those for me. The first book is titled Of Sea and Stone and it is a fresh and fun story of mystery and love. In Ellison’s books the ocean is as much a character as the hero and heroine and the well-crafted writing makes it easy to lose yourself in the story.

Utterly enjoyable, you won’t put the book down till its finished and when it ilison’ld grizzly bear with a tape wormes?available in the professions over you’ll immediately hit that ‘buy the next book in this series’ button. It’ll make you dream of seashells, your house will start smelling like salt air, and you might even have an indescribably urge to dig out your old prom dress (I can’t explain the prom dress thing- you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.)

~ note: the author did not solicit this review, I don’t know her, and she probably doesn’t even know I’ve written this.Snow Wars.book1

Want more fantasy books with romance and adventure? Try the Snow Wars Series.of sea and stone


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