About N.S. GRIMM


N.S. GRIMM ~ Is a new and upcoming American writer with self-published works in multiple genres that focus on light romance and strong female characters.
Raised in Texas, GRIMM is the last child of three and holds a MPSA, PHR in HR and a BFA. Hobbies include: sewing, singing, ballet, kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, gardening, house flipping, scuba and visiting museums of any type.


Free First Chapters:

For  free samples of the first chapter(s) of N.S. GRIMM’ novels, please look in the Archive section of this blog.

N.S. Grimm Official Website:

For more information about NSGRIMM, please visit N.S. Grimm’s official website at: NSGRIMM.com

Or follow NSGRIMM on Facebook: facebook.com/BooksNSGRIMM

You can follow this blog (see at the right hand side of this site) or sign up for the NSGRIMM Newsletter at: NSGRIMM.com/newsletter


Where did the pen name N.S. GRIMM come from?

N.S. GRIMM is an acronym created (in the beginning) to represent two sisters.  They wrote their first book together and needed a pen name that could represent them both. The first two initials are taken from the first letter of each sister’s first name. The word ‘Grimm’ was chosen as a salute to the Grimm Brothers.  Although one sister has predominantly gone forward to write mostly solo projects since that first book, they look forward to publishing together again in the near future.


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